What is CESIP?

CESIP is a student-run non-profit organisation at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. Founded in 1966, our mission is to bring highly educated students and high-tech North American companies together. Over the years, our internship program has made it possible for over 1,000 students to gain practical experiences at companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, NASA and SUN Microsystems, just to name a few.

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As a member of CESIP, you will...

Get to know new students at Chalmers and expand your cooperation skills in a unique environment. Make friends and gain useful experience at the same time.

Establish connections with well-known companies both in Sweden and North America. Meet potentially valuable contacts for a future career with them.

Have the opportunity to apply for paid internships in North America. Enjoy wonderful experiences and memories for the rest of your life.

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Internship Report

The Internship Report is a long-lasting tradition at CESIP. It is printed annually and features stories from our members’ journey to North America. You can read about the current year’s experiences and internships but also go back in time to read and learn about our past internships.

The report is given out to all the students in Chalmers for free and is available to download as well online. If your company is interested in marketing directed towards students of Chalmers, do not hesitate to contact our sales manager for an opportunity to increase your exposure on campus.

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