What can CESIP do for you as a student?


Get the opportunity to meet and establish contacts with interesting companies and other students at Chalmers; contacts that are favorable for the rest of your life. At the beginning of each academic year, we arrange academic and innovative events for all of our members, such as:

  • Resume & CV Workshops
  • Mock Interview Sessions and Preparation
  • Company Trips to Stockholm

Previous year’s CESIP members visited companies such as Netlight, Spotify, etc. During the fall, the entire CESIP organization celebrates North American Thanksgiving together by arranging and cooking up a traditional Thankgiving menu for all the members to enjoy.

In order to make all of this possible, the organisation needs to spread the word about the organization on campus, recruit new members, sell products to companies, and most importantly, arrange new relationships and maintain existing ones with companies in North America. The association would not exist without our hard-working members and their passionate work ethics.

Every year CESIP is looking for a new board and new members. The search begins roughly in January or February each year. (Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram account.) CESIP will arrange one or multiple events where you can come and ask questions about anything from the visa process to how it is to be a member.

After the events it’s time to apply, send us your resumé as well as cover letter in english and a short motivation of which group you would like to join Sales, Public Relations or Internship Group.

The requirement follows:
  • Full-time student at Chalmers University of Technology.
  • Member of the Student Union.
  • Swedish citizen or permanent residency
  • Studying either: Electrical Engineering (E), Engineering Physics (F), Engineering Mathematics (TM),  Software Engineering (IT) or Computer Science and Engineering (D).
  • Passed at least 75 credits (HP) after the august reexams.
  • Passed at least 120 credits (HP) on departure (June 2021).
  • Not a member of CETAC previously.
  • Members fee of 1200 SEK (The money will go to the Stockholm trip.)


As a member of the sales team you have the opportunity to help with the funding of the scholarship that is granted to all interns of CETAC. Any profit is directly invested in the grant. The scholarship is meant to cover expenses that are associated with the process of moving to the US. The main task in the sales group is to contact Swedish companies and offer our services.

The PR group is in charge of increasing the exposure of CETAC to students on Chalmers. The assignments of the PR group include preparation for lunch lectures, administration of social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, and any other event that CETAC organizes.

Assist the Internship Coordinators in their work of finding suitable and reptuble companies in North America that are interested in hiring highly motivated students from Chalmers. Here you have the possibility to find your own dream job and have a direct contact with recruiters in North America.

" As a member, you'll get plenty more than just a milestone on LinkedIn "

Board Member

As a board member you actively work with the organizations continuity while you support and help the members. The new board gets elected by the previous year’s board during the winter/spring and it is then up to the new board to recruit members for the upcoming academic year.

The chairman’s responsibility is to oversee and coordinate both the administrative and operational parts of CESIP. Among other, the tasks of the chairman can be to plan and hold meetings, represent the organization outwards, and take care of the visa process for our members.

As the treasurer, your role is simple. Your assignments consist of financial management and overview, keeping track of cash flow in-and-out from the association, and making sure our economy is in a good place. Whenever a member of the group makes a sale, you ensure that the customer receives the correct invoice and that payment is delivered to us in time.

Designing and implementing a strategic sales plan that expands CESIP’s customer base and ensure its strong presence. Managing recruiting, objectives setting, coaching and performance monitoring of sales representatives, as well as reaching out to Swedish companies.

Internship Coordinators (abbreviated IC) work both administratively and operationally with finding work for students. Together with their team of Internship Researchers, they make sure that all members of CESIP are given the chance to secure an internship in North America.

Responsible for the Public Relations-team and all our events at Chalmers. This includes both events for Chalmers students and private events for the members of CESIP. The editor also manages the web page and makes sure that the information there is up-to-date. The main responsibility of the editor is to design the Trainee report and to make sure that it reaches all the students at Chalmers.