CESIP Board 2022

A new board for CESIP 2022 has now been appointed. Though these are troubling times, we will approach the year ahead with great optimism and enthusiasm, and we will work hard to secure rewarding internships for all our members in 2022.


The board members of CESIP 2022:

Tuss Anzelius as Chairman

Casper Jarhult as Treasurer

Ludvig Rodung as Internship Coordinator

Lovisa Åkesson as Internship Coordinator

Ida Swegmark as Internship Coordinator

Oscar Wernqvist as Sales Manager

Hevar Djeza as Sales Manager

Ida Olsson as PR & Event

Andreas Helgesson as Editor


See the full list under members. Follow us on Instagram (@cesip.cth) and Facebook (cesip.chalmers) for more updates and contact us if you have any questions.